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Come and Worship with us.


1600 Griffith ave.
Terrell Texas 75160

Our Services

Sunday School 9:40 am to 10:20 am

Sunday school for all ages. Breakout classes for ages under 20, and all others have Sunday School in the main auditorium.

*Nursery available for Sunday morning

Sunday Worship Service 10:30 am


Preaching/ teaching. All ages stay and main sanctuary.

*Nursery available

Monday 7:00 pm

Bible study for the ones wanting to get more familiar with their Bible and LPC.

Tuesday 7:00 pm

Family prayer in the main auditorium.  Come as a family and spend time with God.

Wednesday 7:00 pm

Casual night All ages in the auditorium with the praise band and singers. 7:30 breakout groups.

Ages 2-4: “Starting Pointe” a beginners class.
Ages 5-11: “Ignite” children’s hour. Fun! Fun! (and educational)
Ages 12-19: "Turning Pointe" a youth geared service.

*Nursery available for Wednesday night

Thursday and Friday nights

*Youth events happen on Friday or Saturday keep up with current announcements.